Crocs League

Crocs League is a collection of 4,444 unique crocodile NFT’s that live in the Ethereum wetlands, a vision of a dystopian future where mankind has been out evolved.

All crocs are not equal. Crocs League characters will have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. In phase 2 of the Crocs League universe, players will be able to battle and breed with other Crocs, in an interactive game to create a sophisticated hierarchy of Crocs and the eventual crowning of the King and Queen.

You will be able to take your place in Crocs League society with a unique collectable NFT and start your journey on our interactive Blockchain game.

Presale Now Open

Bagged a Presale code?
Head over to our presale page and mint your Crocs.





Captain Croc


Tomato Croc

Bee Keeper

Moon Roadmap


Congrats, now you can Pre Register for the Presale, be one of the first to get your hands on a Croc. Let the Battle Commence

20% | CROCS & CASH 💵

Over $50,000 in giveaways for the Crocs Community and Holders. We will announce these giveaways soon. You'll be participating in them through a discord channel that will be exclusively for these giveaways.


Exclusive access at a 5-star hotel in London for 2 weeks. Invitation to the Crocs Party by Doctor Troller at an Exclusive London Nightclub.

60% | CROCS BOX 🥊

Special Invitation to one of the first Boxing Fights sponsored by an NFT Collection other than Crocs League, including 2 weeks of holidays on our Yacht in Los Angeles, California, after the fight.


Daily raffles for an entire month with a chance to win $1000 per day. Daily airdrops to our holders like (our token, NFTs, Ethereum). You will have to stay in touch for daily Airdrops with future benefits—collaborations with UK’s finest artists and celebrities. Launch our Merchandise, which will be delivered to all the holders with their Crocs stitched.

100% | AFTER PARTY 🎮

100% The Crocs League liquidity pool is initiated. Time to 30x from the mint price. Launch of the best 3D play-to-earn Ethereum Blockchain Battle Royal Videogame. Extra credits and characters will be given to Crocs Holders.


Your 2D special Crocodile will become 3D and full body with special powers once the Reptile play-to-earn 3D game comes up.

A beta release will be announced and released soon. Stay tuned!

Slick Design

Individually created digital artworks by NFT artist Doctor Troller


Unique collectables with only 4,444 first edition verifiable Crocs League NFTs


Weekly giveaways, air drops and cash awards to loyal Crocs League holders.

Great Value

Launching at a floor price of only 0.07 ETH this is expected to have a quick return to early adopters.

Efficient and Safe Minting

Crocs League smart contract is optimized to avoid transaction failures and lower the chance of having higher fees than usual.

To reduce the chance of a gas war we will be splitting the minting into two phrases:

1. Minting for the people who entered Pre-Registration.

2. Normal minting for everyone after the Pre-Registration minting is finished.

Please join our discord today to not miss anything when we announce the mint date.

Team Members

Doctor Troller

Titled for being on the “Top 3 Richest NFT sellers”.
Professional artist.

Asha Sereno

Social Media & PR Manager. 5 years experience in social media marketing at top PR firms & agencies.

Lewis Scott

Social Media Manager, Professional Moderator and Graphic Designer.

Alex White

Best Admin, professional marketing agent.
Years of experience in designing.